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  • English reviews of tgatas

    This threads is for english reviews so any visiting foreigner can know how a travesti is toward foreigners.
    The only thing I want everyone to do is post if you would repeat service with the tgirl and if the cost is worth it on your experience.

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    Carla Brasil

    Carla Brasil (21) 98273-4545

    I met her in her apartment in Rio
    Just had to tell the door guy the room number he let me go up no big deal.

    Carla had an ad on viva local that lists english as one of her languages but that I guess was an error no idea forgot to ask why but she only speaks Portuguese she was very nice and friendly.

    I speak very little Portuguese so I used a translator to help.

    Very attractive and I suggest her to anyone willing to go with a travesti who doesn't speak english.

    She's the real deal in hotness and has this really adorable nose, she is both a top and bottom; gives and receives oral.

    I was too nervous to ejaculate which happens to me sometimes

    Would repeat most likely will repeat her prices are good.
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      Cibelly Dantas

      Cibelly 98031-7095

      This one wasn't that hard to find either had to walk for a but though.

      Cibelly is a bit older , which I like from time to time.
      She's also quite short. She cute in my opinion but I have seen others say different.
      She let me in and she was wearing just panties.
      Got right down to business. She also didn't speak english but again it wasn't huge problem.
      We did pretty much everything, although again I'm only a top(active) so idk about her activeness.
      She was very nice and I ended up ejaculating in an interesting way.

      She was awesome would repeat and recommend to others. Well worth the price.


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        Hello i am Vitoria Neves, from Sao Paulo, Brazil if come to Brazil. contact-me on wpp.

        Vitoria Neves


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          Hi Vitoria,

          Are you in SP this week? If so, and if your English is good, then I will contact you.