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    Hey guys,
    New to the group, thanks for the add!
    I'm planning a trip to Brazil in January and I'm weighing up options for meeting TS's. SP seems to have more of an abundance but it does not seem as fun a place to be overall. I'm looking at Rio and thinking the quality and quantity of tgirls there seems lower (?) but the overall location is more appealing. I'm planning a lot of chasing and fun but I don't want to burn out on that and then look around to see that the location is not as appealing.
    My question is, if you had two weeks, would you split your time between the two locations or would you say that RJ has enough appeal in terms of fun and general touristic activity to justify staying there? I like clubbing and partying but not too much into drugs these days. Ideally I would like to meet a few nice girls to hang out with and do some partying also. Not necessarily two girls at once but more than just meeting in motel or drive by and fucking although some of that too!

    I'm not sure if that is realistic or sensible so please advise if you have some knowledge on this topic.
    Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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    Imo Just stick with one city for a two week trip, Rio has a lot of natural beauty to enjoy as well as landmarks. You can also bend a whole day at the beach. Sao Paulo has the pure numbers advantage of being larger and safer but it is just a concreate jungle like any other(better food too). Rio is a much more unique location, and if you are wanted to hang with only a few high quality girls Rio should be fine just make sure you make a good decision. Can you speak any Portuguese? If not I suggest learning some basics and using google translate.






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